still so cold

A long, long time ago deep in the frozen underbelly of the Clarksburg County Jail, I looked down at my wrist and examined the plastic bracelet secured around it. The bracelet was a human-sized version of the sort of tag that naturalists and pet-stores use to track animals. Snapped on with a thick metal fastener … More still so cold

the racism instinct

  the racism instinct Love at first sight. A feeling of fate, destiny, of Meant to Be. We’ve all been there, enthralled by a sense that in someone else we’ve found a missing piece of ourselves. From the time we’re kids, we’ re told that this is the most wonderful compulsion in the world, that we should … More the racism instinct

the parole saga

Well, as you’ve hopefully heard by now, my original Hearing Officer recommended me for a June 2016 release back on May 20th. As expected, the first Parole Commissioner to review my case rejected his recommendation – something that apparently happens in most cases. So on June 1st I requested an appeal of that decision, which … More the parole saga


Listen to “From Harvard to the Big House” a talk I gave at church about my experiences with the men around me in prison, most of whom were much more scared and broken than predatory and threatening.

1,300 days later

       Memory is a funny thing. No matter how hard I try, I can’t really remember the terrible parts of prison. When I think back about those lost years… all I can remember is the good stuff. How incredible peanut butter tastes when you’re really damn hungry. High-fiving up and down our madhouse of a … More 1,300 days later